Monday, 7 March 2016

Mountaineering Weekend

My weekend was spent with Paul and Stuart.  After discussion we came up with a plan and headed up toward SCNL to find some steepish ground and firm snow.  Once we found this, we refreshed some skills, before moving onto snowcraft.  This proved really useful and brought in some good discussion too.  We then moved onto some mixed ground and looked at introducing pitched climbing with leader placed protection.  Stuart lead from a good rock belay up some interesting grade I ground, to finish on a snow slope.  This was perfect for putting into practice some of the snowcraft and using a bucket seat in real context.

We then descended and used a bollard to negotiate a steepish descent.  Once back at the accommodation we went over some building belays etc. in preparation for Sunday.

Paul leading up the steep corner

Nice belay position

Spring like conditions

Yesterday we climbed the Zigzags I, with Stuart and Paul managing themselves up safely using a rope.  We even threw in a little retreat and re ascent too.  It was a great way for me to finish a good week.

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