Thursday, 3 March 2016

Ben Nevis Ice

Today it was just Andy and I.  Alex was looking pretty rough this morning and ended up at the doctor's, he's zipping up the man suit tomorrow for the last day.

We walked in this morning with an open mind, hoping it might be ok to get to Mega Route X, but all the new snow and windslab, meant it would have been an unnecessary risk with the sun on the slopes in the morning.  Instead we climbed the Curtain IV,5 which was in glorious sunshine.   We did see and here a good soft cornice collapse avalanche which lasted around 15 secs. down No.5.

A short walk around the corner and we climbed Waterfall Gully IV, 4 by it's steepest offering.   As it was quiet, Andy top roped it a bit so we could improve on some of his techniques.

We dropped down the the CIC cascades and climbed a nice ice line that had a good bit of grade IV on it. This gave Andy a good chance to work on some of the coaching point we covered.  A good end to another good day.

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