Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Creag Meagaidh

Matt and I went to have a look at Creag Meagaidh today. We skied from the car park all the way into Easy Gully so we did'nt have to walk far at all. THere are quite a few climbs in condition at the moment. We climbed Last post which was the best looking line on the crag today. Excellent ice for the most part with no problem at all getting out the top. There was a lot of spindrift coming down for the second half of the route though. Easy Gully was fine on the approch to the route but very hard going once the skies came off. We descended the steep ground to the east of Easy gully before dropping back into it at the start of the route. This was the safest option today. Alot of snow had been blown into the Gully today. Although it was ok for us today careful judgement should be used if you are thinking of heading in there as there was surface hoar on some of the areas we saw. The picture shows most of the post face, we think that Smith's Gully might be there as well.


Jon said...

What would your thoughts be about a ski descent of easy gully?

Adam Hughes said...

It your good enough then the snow was fantastic. You would have to work hard to get into the gully and I would say don't get in at the very top. However the wind has probably blown more snow in there so see the avalanche forecast before you make a decision. I'm not the best on the planks, but the snow was that good I'd have give it a good. Hope that helps Jon.