Tuesday, 17 February 2009

An Underpant Rating of WET!

I hace been working on an intro to winter climbing course for the last 2 days with Thomas and Lucy for Ryan Glass Mountaineering.

Monday was a bit wet and wild, but still the hoards of skiers where present. After a latish start we ventured imto Sneachda and climbed Hidden Chimney. Although the route was a bit of a stream, the ice was still ok and the turf frozen. At least 4 teams climbed the route today. After a cairngorm facial in the chimney we retreated to Mambo's for a well earned coffee.

Today it was just me and Thomas. We got a good start and parking space in the top car park and went back into Sneachda. We and half the planet climbed Fiacaill Couloir which has held out quite well. We also climbed Goat Track Gully which would have been better left alone if I could have seen the top before starting. I was led astray by seeing others climbit early on. To add to Matt's post the major gully lines are holding fast in the ongoing thaw and are all complete. I think you should stay in bed though now until the end of the week when the temp is due to drop again (finger's crossed).

Sorry there are no pics but my lamo camera is a raino-phobic.

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