Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Meall Tarmachan

Today I was out doing staff training with Davy, Pamela, Mhairi and Andrew from the EICA. It was a pretty wild day, but at least it was dry. Some of the group had done very little in winter and two are working toward different assessments, so a perfect mix to work with each other. We looked at a range of winter skills and how to coach and deliver structured sessions. The weather dictated that we could not stand around for to long so we found teaching spots as we travelled. We moved into some steeper ground in the second half of the day, looking at ascending and decending with clients and using different techniques to manage this. Overall, everyone had a productive day with alot to take away.

There was alot of snow being moved around all day on a strong eastily wind with the freezing level around 500m.

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