Thursday, 29 July 2010

Wilton 1 & 4 and the Brownstones

Above: EKU 28

I was planning to have a chill out day, but desided against it when Elliott said he was keen for Wilton. We started the day at Wilton 1 where I warmed up on Cheat E3 5b***, an excellent route up a steep slab. Elliott then led Parodox E2 5b**, which has some good steep climbing on good holds. To finish in Wilton 1 I led Lazy Friday E4 5c**. This had some great open slab climbing on good edges in an exciting position. We then nipped over to Wilton 4 some I could get a cheaky solo of EKU 28 E3 5c*. A pleasent little slab route.

Below: EKU 28

To finish the day we went to the Brownstones. It was my first visit, so we did all the classics with my highlights being Digitation V2 and Pigswill V7.

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