Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Yorkshire Bolt Clippin'

I've been sports climbing the last 2 days at Kilnsey and Malham to hide from the rain. THis proved to be a choice, as 2 good days have been had. Yesterday I met up with Andy and Mhairi at Kilnsey, who came down from Edinburgh. After trying a few things and finding the tops wet, we settled on Sticky Wicket hoping for a quick tick. Having burnt out a little on the some of the steeper route I tried first, I kept falling off with only 4 moves to go. Mhairi had the same fate as me, but we can count it as good training. Andy made got progress as well, but we wanted to save ourselves for Malham.

Today we met Pete, Elliott, Tony and Tom at Malham. Both Andy and Elliott had not been before, so I suggested Rose Coronary as a good place to start. Both ticked the route quickly and moved onto Sychophants, we is more sustained but not technically as hard. Elliott managed the route on his last shot and Andy narrowly missed out. Mhairi and I had both tried Something Stupid a few weeks ago, but not when we were fresh. After falling off the last moves last time we expected a quick send today. Thankfully this proved so as I clipped the chain on my first lead of the day and Mhairi on her second. Pete cruised Rose Coronary, before turned to Something Stupid as well. He ticked the route after a few shots as well. I the tried to on sight Franenstien, but got gripped putting the 3 draw in. After a quick break, I topped out second go. Mhairi fell off the last move on the flash, before cruising up second go as well. I finished my day off by flashing Sychophants, a great day.

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