Sunday, 14 August 2011

Adrenaline Rush and a Bit of Work at Caley

I was working at Caley this evening, finishing up a intro to rock course. With the weather good and the temperature not too high, I thought I would get a route in. I through a rope down Psycho E5/6 6b***, but just could not touch the crux. After a few tries I changed my focus. I had hoped to onsight Adrenaline Rush E5 6b***, but my quick plat on Psycho had put me off. I climbed it clean on my first 2 tries whilst belaying myself on a gri gri, so the solo was on. A quick break and the route was dispatched.

Half an hour later my clients arrived. We focused on coaching movement and footwork on a range of boulder problems, whilst refreshing the rigging on some of the higher one. Rosie and Andy seem to have taken a lot on board, and now have a good platform to build on.

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