Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Time to Pull the Finger Out

Trying to get pumped

After my less than satisfactory onsight attempt of Traversty at the weekend, I feel that the only way to avoid it happening again is to actually do some winter specific training.  I'm finding that despite being fit for rock climbing, handing onto my axes on steep ground is a different game.  With this in mind, I went over to John's to do a bit of axe work on his wall and get rid of some of the weekend's stiffness.  We had a good few hours once we had set some circuits, creating a good 45 move link up.  It's obvious that if I spent as much time training as I do avoiding it, I would probably do a little better sooner, rather than later.  I was feeling paranoid and opted for a helmet, which worked out well as John took a couple of blows to his as the odd hold bedded in.

John powering on

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