Friday, 17 February 2012

Aonach Mor

I have been up on the East Face of Aonach Mor today observing John as he worked with Richard.  John has his MIC Assessment this year and I am acting as his mentor, so it was a great opportunity for us both.  Despite the wind forecast, we opted for the easy walk down, rather than a big day on the Ben which the guys had done yesterday.  We were the first to leave the summit, so abseiled down Left Twin III,4*** and climbed back out. No one else turned up, so we dropped back in and climbed the Split IV,4**, which was in the best condition I have climbed it in.

Jonny, Mike and Mark climbed Central Gully Left Hand III,4*** on the Ben and said the route was in great condition, but the walk out was wet.  With the temps coming down, things should be in great nick for the weekend, if not a little wild on Saturday.

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