Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nid Arete

Izzi and I headed up to Aonach Mor today to grab a route before things warmed up.  There was a lot of snow on the East face which was heavy and damp.  A few weak pockets where present as we reached the base of Easy Gully, so we jumped on Nid Arete IV,5*.  The guide suggests that going direct up the arete is V,5, so that's the way we went.  The climbing was straight forward, but pretty bold and Izzi enjoyed the change from ice today.  We were surprised that the turf was frozen and the crag was riming very fast.  But this started to change quickly at midday when we were finishing.  The snow turned to rain and the rime began to drop off.

The Ben was super busy with teams on everything that was climbable.  Lets hope that things can hold in through the next warm spell.

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