Friday, 22 June 2012

Edelrid Product Training for Cotswold

I have been in Bristol for the past 4 days delivering Edelrid Product training for staff from Cotswold's.  The training was split into 2, 2 day event for staff in the South of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Paul and I were sharing the time with Alex From DMM and Ben who was representing DMM and Evolv.  The 2 events have gone very well, with the feedback from the staff proving that this type of focus training is really beneficial to their ability and confidence to sell the products.
As 2 of the days where spent in the Avon Gorge, it would have been rude to not have bagged a few routes.  A solo flash of Connoisseur's Choice E4 6b (if done the original way, solo), 5b Groove E3 5b, 5b Wall E3 5c, and ascents of New Horizons II E2 5c***, Them E3 6a*** and Arms Race E4 5c***.   Add this to a long day at The Climbing Academy yesterday and I have manged more climbing than I would have thought.
Pretty tired after a busy week, but have 4 more days with Cotswold next week in Sheffield and Kendal.


Dave Gilden said...

Thanks for a great couple of days.

It was fantastic learning about the wider ranges and getting to try them as well. Also really enjoyed picking up the extra tips to improve my climbing.

Dave @ St Albans

Adam Hughes said...

Hi Dave,

It was a pleasure to meet all you guys. I hope that the training will come in useful. If you have any follow up questions, please contact myself or Paul.