Monday, 30 July 2012

A Busy Week on the Hill

Last week was a busy one.  Monday was the start of an ML Assessment for Dan McKinlay based in the Duddon Valley.  The 6 candidates put in a good performance through the week, which had very mixed weather.

Day 1 took us up and around a small peak called Caw.  The cloud was low and thick, with visibility very poor.  This was perfect for the micro navigation leg the guys had to work through.  A tough day when you can't see more than 15-20m.

Day 2 was all about security on steep group.  After the guys had navigated us to the climber's decent on Dow crag in yet again poor visibility, we got stuck in.  Taking it in turned to manage are group up,down and around this unfriendly ground with the odd problem thrown in, everyone had a fair bit to deal with.  Once we had finished the steep ground section of our day, a few more nav legs took us back to the hut.

Jim and Tony enjoying the ML experience

The final few days were spent on exped.  in nicer weather.  Walking from Cockly Beck.  We ascended over Little Stile, Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Esk Pike picking out Nav legs as we went, before reaching our camp for the night.  As darkness fell, we were out again to work through the night Nav section of the assessment.  Good technical legs took us up and around Great End and Broad Stand picking out small features.  We returned to camp via the Bermuda Triangle that is Esk Hause for a couple more legs.  The second day of the exped took us up Ill Crag via a pleasant grade 1 scramble which the candidates managed between them as we went.  Once on top, we journeyed up and over Scafell Pike to descend via Mickledore to camp underneath Dow Crag.  At the end off the day I boosted out to Cockly Beck to drive back home before meeting a mini bus to travel north.  Dan and the candidates finished on Friday walking out with a short river crossing.  A good week.

Early Friday morning I was heading up to Scotland to start a 3 peaks challenge on Saturday morning.  We started at 7:30 on the Ben and finished at 6:40 after Snowdon on Sunday morning.  Easily under the 24 hours even with the regulations for the driver stops.  There official time with driving time fixed for a commercial event like this was 21 hours flat.  A very well done.

A day off today and back out to try and climb something tomorrow if the body allows.

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