Thursday, 29 August 2013

Catch Up

I have been a big lazy with blogging, so will lump it all into a quick one now.  Over the bank holiday weekend I ran an SPA training in the Peak.  The 4 candidates made it a great course despite the poor weather on the first morning.  Even so, they all led a route in the rain and rigged a personal abseil, before heading to the wall in the afternoon.  Better weather on Sunday made for a more pleasant day Lawrancefiled and Millstone to cover all the group management part of the syllabus.

Monday saw me back at Millstone and Lawrancefield for an SPA re-assessment.  Theo coped well with the 1 to 1 pressure and passed well.

As my finger is recovering, I managed to get in around 30 routes and problems after work on Sunday.  I had a quick boulder yesterday doing problems and routes I've done before.  I was really happy to climb some tricky problems up to font 7b+, but surprised in what areas I was struggling.  Whilst injured I have managed to keep reasonably strong and many styles seem ok still.  However, some problems just seemed nails when they are not graded all that hard.  A funny old game, with lots to get working on, Again!

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