Sunday, 22 March 2009


This weekend I have been working for the EICA running a Climbing Wall Award Training course with Nic. There were 7 candidates on the training, all with a wide range of experience which helps add to the cousre.
Day 1 we looked at personnal climbing. This started at the EICA where everyone covered bottom roping with a variety of belay devices, before moving on to lead climbing. We all then went to Meadowbank to see a different venue. This is an excellent wall to see as the differences are quite large.
Day 2 covers all the aspects of working with groups. We looked at different games, belay methods and ways of coaching technique. We also include the abseil training in the course. This includes rigging and running a session at two different points in the wall.

Overall a lot was covered and everyone took alot away with them.

For more info on the CWA check out the MLTUK website, or contact me.

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