Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wild Intro to Winter Climbing

Today I was climbing with Ben and Gareth who are on an intro to winter climbing. The wind was not too bad as we made are way into Sneachda. However, the signs that it was worse in the corrie were evident as people were turning back. We persevered and made a very wet start up central gully lefthand. The temperature came down a little as well got higher as the rain turned to snow. The wind however got stronger as the gully narrowed. This made the ice pitch a bit more extreme than normal. Despite the weather, we managed to look at building quality belays and grading runner placement. After we had all been blown over a couple of times on the top, we made it down through windy col where the wind eased and we walked out quite pleasently. We got back to the centre and looked a little more at belay construction before quiting for tea and cake. Today I was working for Glenmore Lodge.

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