Sunday, 15 March 2009

Intro to Winter Climbing

I was only out with Ben today. We headed back into Sneachda to look at some of the classic easy gullies in much nicer weather. Today we climbed Central Gully, the Runnel and the first pitch of Goat Track gullt right hand start. All the major gullies are complete, but the thaw has taken heavy casualties. There was a team of finger's ridge, who sent a couple of large bit of rock down. All the buttresses are black, with no climbing incondition. I was working for Glenmore Lodge today.

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Tim said...

Hi Adam ,

Good to see you again today, you must've smelt food or something! :)
After you set off for Central Gully, we were behind the team behind you. We then dropped back down to the corrie and set off for The Runnel but it was quite busy so we settled for Crotched Gully practicing moving together (oh o!) and placing runners (ah ha), oh and a bit of gardening in the middle!
Tim, Mark and Willy.