Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hell's Lum

In search of ice, Dave, Colm and I headed over to Hell's Lum to see if Escalator was in good shape. This was the guys first proper ice route on the lead. After a practise session on ice screws yesterday they were well keen to get on the sharp end. The route had mostly good ice all the way. You had to clear an inch or so of snow to find the good ice to place protection. The Sneer had an unpleasent looking layer of snow on it that would make it a little hard going at the moment. We then went for a journey on to Lochain and descended the Couloir which is in top nick, before heading out. There was a little snow falling during the day and more forecast over night, some of the buttresses had started to whiten up a bit. Finger's crossed.

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Tim said...

Hi Adam,

Good to see you on Sunday, pity you were still begging for food in the ski centre car park!!!

Tim :)