Friday, 17 September 2010


Today I met up with Smithy at LPT for a bit of sport climbing somewhere different. The conditions on the rock were perfect, but the bitter wind made it hard to stay warm. After a couple of routes to warm up, I had a shot on the crag classic 7c I've Been a Bad Bad Boy. I flashed through the crux and up to the traverse and had a break, then did the next section into the groove first go, and then up to the top. It was looking good, the climbing was excellent and bang on for the grade, so I was hopeful. Unfortunately, the cold was a bit too much for me and that was as good as it got today.

I left the crag early, as I was meeting Matt in the pass for an evening session to prepare for his Guides Induction on Sunday. Ian met us there as well and Matt did a sterling job of leading us up a few classics I had not been on for a good few years. In a couple of hours we knocked off S.S. Special, Hangover and Wind, not to bad for a damp evening on the Grochan.

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