Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Mhairi and I went to Malham today, hoping that yeaterday had not tired us out too much. We warmed up on Rose Coronary before trying something new. Mhairi tried Sychopants 7a. She is trying to improve her onsighting at the moment. This route has a hard crux section, which took a bit more working out that she had in the tank today. A bit of rest and it went very quickly. I tried to onsight A Career With Prospects E5 6a*, one of the catwalks trad routes. This was pretty hard and I had to battle to the last move, and with the jug in sight one move away I fell off (well pumped). It went second go and the climbing was brilliant. I was pretty tired, so had a quick run up Brooklyn Girls, then took the draws out of Yosemite Wall, all good training though.

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