Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rease Heath Collge

Above: David approaching the belay after battling with the Direct start

I am working for the industry leader in educational course provision Dan Mckinlay this week with Rease Heath College. After battling the elements yesterday to walk into Sneachda and cover a range of skills as a refresher, we back again today. With a good forecast all the groups were psyched for big Tuesday. I have been working with David and Lindsey who wanted to try a bit of climbing. So, as today was the best day of the week they were thrown in at the deep end. We climbed Hidden Chinmey by the direct start, which they climbed very well. It is amazing how well folks can do when they have rock climbing skills already and a breif intro on how to use the tools.

Below: Lindsey approaching the belay

Below: A happy team at the top

Dan made a ascent of the might Fiacaill Ridge, whilst Paul made a dramatic seige on Cairngorm.

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