Saturday, 12 February 2011

Weekly Ascent of Dorsal

After a good night of snowfall and wanting a relatively easy day Myself and Serena walked up into SCNL. We walked up to Dorsal Arete and managed to get ahead of the groups before the Fin. Just as Serena was about to start climbing 2 soloist appeared and past. I was caught off guard as 1 avoided the fin, but the other saw fit to continue to climb over the fin and over my rope as Serena was starting to second the pitch. On having explained my unappriciation for his poor skills and my reasons, he at least could see my point (if only a little). What really shocked me was the fact the female member of the pair refused to accept that 1, it was poor form, and 2 it was dangerous. I would be interested in hearing what others think about soloing over people and the effect it might have on a beginner. I know my thoughts, but would like to know yours.

Very snowy up there, but suprisingly less slab about.


Campbell West said...

I agree Adam shocking! It just goes to show the lack of knowledge and understanding some people have.

Tim said...

Hi Adam, as a relative newbie, I would find that off putting too. Also as a relative newbie I would venture to have a conversation first to establish who;s doing what m going where etc etc which would seem the right thing to do and then act accordingly? We once made a point of asking a party of 2 if we could pass (solo)on the top part of the mirror and they (under careful control obvioulsy) let us pass over their rope).
They were happy and there was no drama. Did we do the right thing as it was all mutually agreed?

Cheers mate

Tim (waiting for some decent weather to fall on a weekend !!!)