Friday, 24 June 2011

Easy Day at Heptonstall

Above: Brown Sugar E2 5c**

Today I met up with Ed and Phil and went to Heptonstall. After yesterdays efforts at Troller's, I was keen for an easy day on good routes I had done before. I started us off leading the surprisingly good Main Line VS 4c**. Phil Then led his first HVS in Bull's Crack HVS 5a***. Moving well over the tricky ground, it proved to be a good challenge which he dispatched pretty swiftly.

Below: Phil on Bull's Crack

Ed decided to try Brown Sugar E2 5c**. He did pretty well, put came up short at the stiff crux through the over lap. Whilst he recovered from the pump I led the route, feeling the tired arms through the crux. I'm never disappointed with the quality of these routes. Phil made a valiant effort to follow, but got a bit too pumped. Ed then followed the route, armed the knowledge of where to go this time it went a lot smoother.

Above: Through the Crux of Brown Sugar

To finish off we went to the left hand outcrop where Phil led Lumber Vertebrae VS 4c**, which is much better than it looks. I soloed the last couple of the routes I had not done on this buttress to end the day. A nice chilled day.

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