Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wellington Crack

Today Dan and I went to Ilkley. Dan has not been that well and I was still a little tired from the days earlier in the week, but we were hopeful. We started off climbing a couple of good VS's, then after backing off a bold E5 I thought that I would just get on Welli Crack E4 5c***. I had been waiting to climb this for about 10 years, so even though I was not on form, I could not really keep putting it off. Overall was going pretty well, but a foot slip and excessive one arm lock off at the crux meant I was a bit more pumped than I hoped to be at the top. On the very last move I did not use the hold as well as I could. Reaching for the top my hand parted with the hold and I was air born. A bit gutted, I finished off. The climbing is amazing, but definitely suffering from the excessive top roping.

We finished off our session having a go on Guillotine E6 6b***. This is a bold solo, so top roping it first is a sensible decision for us. The crux was a little tricky and took a minute to work out. Once we had this sorted it was very straight forward. A bit too tired to solo it, it will be there for the next visit.

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Andy Spink BA Hons, MIC, IML, BCU Level 5 surf coach, Sea kayak and Canoe Coach. said...

Ah, Wellington Crack! a blast from the past. Nice one. spent alot of time as a teenager hanging around on it and Tufted. Good memories.