Friday, 1 July 2011

Troller's Gill

Above: Elliot on The Jim Grin

I made a return to Troller's today with Elliot, with the intentions of working on Angel Heart 7c+**. After my quick go at the end of my last visit, I was hoping that I could make good progress. After warming up, Elliot made a superb flash of Jim Grin 6c+/7a***, for his hardest to date. I then got stuck into Angel Heart, and surprised myself climbing half way through the crux straight away. After a bit of trail and error, I had a sequence I thought would work and the redpoint was on.

Above & below: Working hard on Angel Heart

Elliot shifted his focus to Haslam 7b*** and started to work out sequences through the crux's. I had a couple of good redpoint attempts, but fell both times 1 move from finishing the hard climbing, maybe next time! Powered out I shifted my attention to Hoodoo Guru 7b** (another stiff one) hoping to onsight it. The route shares the same boulder problem start as Angel Heart, but the crux climbs an extremely thin groove straight after. I had to fight a bit in the groove, but once through it the rest was not too bad.

Elliot then managed to send Haslam on his last go of the day to tick his first 7b. Good work young man.

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