Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Caley Calamity

I met up with Dan and Tom at Caley today to hide out of the wind and try the Great Flake E6 6b***.  All went well warming up on a variety of problems up to V6 before heading up to check out the flake.

Dan had dropped a rope down and give it a go, cleaning it a little and placing a couple of runners.  I fancied trying to flash it with the gear in place.  Things went well as I moved past the first runner and got set to clip the second just before the crux 2/3 up.  As I pulled the rope up to clip, my foot popped and I was ejected.  Dan stopped me just off the ground, but the rope was between my legs and he gave me a punch to the blollocks for good measure.  If that was not bad enough, the rope had wrapped around my left hand when I came off and crushed my fingers when it took.  That pretty much ended my day as my ringer finger started to swell and will no longer straighten.  I am hoping it is just a bit of swelling and will fix quickly.

Dan and Tom (below) demonstrating some good slab faces

Tom cruising a nice V2

Dan and Tom moved on to more bouldering, sending a range of problems.  I did put my shoes back on for one problem, a V4 with one hard long move.  This gives my some hope that the finger will mend soon.

Dan sending a tricky V5

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