Thursday, 15 September 2011

Finger Therapy with the Numbers

Pete on Mattahorn Arete

Today I met up with Pete at Almscliff with the veiw off doing a little bit of climbing to see how the finger was.  There is still some swelling, but as I can now straighten it, I was hopeful.  We cruised a range of easy problems, but the sun was warming things up a bit.  I only had till 2pm, so we moved into the shade where Pete led the link up of Western Front E3 5c*** with No Mans Land E2 5b* to give a soft E4.  Pete dropped the ropes and I then Flashed the route, pleasantly surprised that the finger was holding up.  Unfortunately, I had to bail, but Pete went to do a few laps on Morrell's Wall.

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