Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ropework in the Glen

As the routes are very limited on the Ben at the moment, we opted to cover a range of multi pitch ropework in the Glen.  Starting at Pinnacle Ridge, we looked at belaying 2 seconds and managing change overs.  We then moved up to The Gutter Diff***, to put the systems into practice.  Dave and Colm broke the route down to maximize the pitches and get as much practice in as possible.  An ascent of the classic Resurrection Vs 4c***, although a bit wet was a good way to wrap up the day.

John went back up to the Ben and climbed North Gully II with Ronon, Robbie and Eoghan, which has a big gap at the start which is much harder than grade II.  Jonny climbed Good Friday Climb III with Ronon, commenting on the ques for Tower Scoop.  There has been  few things falling off Tower Scoop, so standing around the bottom is not recommended.

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