Tuesday, 26 February 2013

East Coast Catch Up

I am suffering with computer and internet problems again, so will round up the last 4 days.

Over the weekend I was working with 4 kids from George Watson's College.  We had a good day in Corie Laogh Mor on Saturday re-freshing skills and taking in a bit of a journey.  Sunday was another stunning day, and with a little dusting of fresh snow, the twin ribs were white enough to run a little mixed climbing workshop.  There was still time after this for a charge up Jacob's Ladder I, which is just that at the moment with all the massive footprints.
James walking of a stunning Meggie summit
Monday was another stunning day, but James and I had a meeting to be back for so wanted a quick hit. We opted for a late start at Meggie and left the car park at 8:30.  After what seemed like a leisurely walk in, we were charging up toward Pumpkin V,4****.  There were a couple of teams ahead but they were very kind and let us pass.  We had taken a long single, which meant we could fire up the route in 2 long pitches.  When we checked our watches back at the bags, it had only taken us 3 1/2 hours from the car park, to climb the route and back down.  It seemed only right to nip up the Wand too.  A rapid 45 min ascent, taking advantage of our long rope again (we had carried it all that way) and back at the car for just after 3pm. gave us plenty of time before meeting up with Craig and Matt from Life Systems and Life Venture.

James hard at work
 Today was the first day of a 4 day photo shoot with Life Systems and Life Venture.  the weather was stunning and great way to showcase some of this excellent kit.  After a long day and with over 900 images to sort through, we deserved a good meal at the Ski-ing Doo.

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