Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Message

Today Chris and Rich were keen for a quick hit so they could be back down the road.  An early start for the Gorms saw us away from the car around 8am, which meant we should have a choice of routes on the Mess of Pottage.  Surprisingly (or Not), there where a couple of teams on routes already.  Despite there being a team at the first belay of the Message IV,6***, we opted to follow up that reasoning that they should be up the crux corner and away by the time we walked up and climbed the first pitch.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  We got to the belay as the leader was half way up the corner (Error on my part).  This meant we had a little hanging around, but it was not too bad and only cost us 45 mins over the whole.  Even so, we still made it back to the car before 1pm, so all was well!
Chris pulling out of the crux corner

A couple of short vids to highlight the hospitable Cairngorm conditions today.

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