Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sneachda Brace

I have been in a very busy Sneachda today with Rich and Chris.  All the classic lines were mobbed when we got into the corie , but I spotted that Aladdin's Mirror Direct IV,4*** was free. Rather than join a que, we walked up past the 6 people waiting to do Patey's and climbed a pleasant, steep Mirror which was good value today.
Rich happy to be at the top of Aladdin's Mirror Direct
We abseiled off and walked back around even more folks waiting to do Patey's, and jumped on Original Summer route IV,6**.  This had had a team on when we walked up to the Mirror, but are detour had paid off as the route was free and clear.  This offered the right amount of challenge today, with good technical climbing in short sections

Chris Pulling out the crux of Original Summer Route
Rich lovin' it!!
There were a couple off avalanches over by the fiaciall today which had a considerable forecast on that aspect, unfortunately, 3 people needed to be choppered out.

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