Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ledge Route

Ginny and Mike enjoying Ledge Route
Today Ginny, Mike and I headed up the Ben for an assault on Ledge Route II****.  This is an awesome journey at the grade, with great rock scenery along the way.  After the slog up from the bottom carpark, we were soon kitting up beneath No.5 Gully as the masses arrived.  There were big footsteps up the route, which made it easy going, but the snow has started to soften.  Hopefully the predicted cold snap to night will firm it up a bit.  We made short work of the route, topping out in under 4 hours from the carpark.  A nice cruise down the Red burn on soft snow was a joy for the knees, before the descent to the car.  A great weekend in good company.

Cruising to the summit

A happy summit team

Despite being soggy, there are still plenty of options up there.  The weather looks ok until Wednesday, but who knows after that.

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Mike Dakin said...

A great day, thanks Adam - - - Mike