Monday, 4 March 2013

Orion Direct

Alex cruising up pitch 2
The weather was better than forecast today on the Ben, with great views across the summit and all the ridges.  So, what better way to take it all in, than a stroll up Orion.  Andy and Alex wanted to to a big Ben classic V, and they don't really get much better.  We lost around an hour and half behind a couple of slow teams, but it is hard to be too mift on a day like today.  The route was in great condition overall, but a little thin after the second slab rib as normal.

There were folks climbing all over the mountain today, with many routes in excellent condition after the cold night and much cooler day today.  I know Vanishing, Point 5, Slav Route, Hadrian's, Indicator and Vade Mucum were all climbed today, along with Tower Ridge.  Another good forecast tomorrow, so get out and send large.

Andy approaching the belay

Alex crossing the basin

Andy exiting the final chimney


Graham McGrath said...

Did you notice if minus 1 or 2 were still climable? or am I being optomistic?!

thanks for any info,

Adam Hughes said...

They're both still climbable. Minus one is a little thin getting out the cave though.

Graham McGrath said...