Friday, 29 March 2013

Making the Most of the Time You Get

When you have a little one, the reality is you need to take any chance you get to climb.  As a result, I've been winter climbing in Chew Valley and today back at Woodhouse Scar for a quick hit.  Only 5 mins from home, it keeps me going with what seems like an endless number of possible new challenges.

With that in mind, I got stuck into a couple of new things today.  I quickly managed to add an extension to Snowball f7b, which gave the good sustained eliminate Snowball Extension f7c**.  It utilises the same start as Weeping Angel to join Snowball and finish up that.

Working very hard on Low Lip Traverse

The next to go was a traverse of the lip on Cave Buttress.  This already has traverses on it, but they all use the back wall which makes them quite straight forward.  This new addition eliminates the back wall, leaving only the lip for feet, and makes a much harder problem.  It took a fair bit of effort to tick as it is not my strongest style.  The hands follow that of Low Traverse f7a+, but with only the lip for poor heel hooks it changes the problem a lot.  This new version, Low Lip Traverse f7b+ is a fingery and quite strenuous problem that give yet another option on the buttress.  If you add in the big letter box hold, it makes a cool f7a+.  There is still the Low Low Traverse to be done eliminating the back wall, but this will be much harder.

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