Saturday, 8 February 2014


Today I was out with Alex for the first of 3 days climbing and we headed up to SCNL to see what was on offer.  I was hoping to do both Spectre V,6 and Scabbard Chimney V,6, both things were a little raw up there today.  Snow fell all day on a strongish wind, and we had a lot of spindrift piling down on us too.  That said Spectre was in easy condition to climb as it is an ice route, but not a lot of gear though.  I did find good belays.  We did 3 quick pitches then abseiled off and ran away quickly.  The temperature had risen slightly, and neither of us wanted to be on the aprons again.  We cut our loses, having done a nice route and headed down.  It was still snowing as we left the corrie, and then raining as we lost height.  I would expect it to be another interesting day tomorrow finding things to climb.

Alex enjoying himself despite the ming!

We will be on the Ben for the next 2 days, with a night in the hut.  So I'll catch up when we get back down on Monday.

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