Monday, 3 February 2014

Zigzag Mounatineering

Today I have been working for West Coast Alpine Guides with Ed, Steve and Frankie.  We went for a mountaineering day up the Zigzags and into SCNL, looking at some skills as we went.  Both Ed and Steve have done quite a bit, and wanted to look at looking after a second on winter/scrambling ground.  So they took it in turns guiding Frankie (who was more that confident) to the top.  We added in a few different steps here and there, which meant it was more of a Zig today.
Steve enjoying the way up

Digging machines
 Once on the top we walked along the ridge to the corie before the weather started to deteriorate.  It was more wet snow on a Southerly wind falling.  The snow pack was pretty wet for the first 6 inches, then you got back into dry, chalky windslab.  We dropped down out of the corie and dug some bucket seats and buried axes, before mooching back down.  It was raining at 800m and felt pretty warm.

And relax

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