Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wild, Windy and Minging in Glencoe

There has been a massive amount of snow over the last couple of days.  This has made getting to any climbs difficult, and potentially dangerous.  With another day of snow and high winds, Ambrose and I went to the Zigzags to find a few different pitches to climb.  The day started off ok, with a wade up even though the team in front were breaking trail (good effort Scales).  As we kitted up, the wind started to make an appearance every now and again.  By the time we had waded around the first zig, the wind had really joined the party.  Ambrose and I exchanged leads up the Zigzags I, and then Zigzags Direct III as the weather continued to worsen.  By 13:30 it was starting to feel apocalyptic, and all teams in the area bailed rapidly.

As we got back the path we saw a sizeable avalanche come down the North West Face of Beinn Fada and into the gorge.  We then heard another shortly after.  It was another challenging day on the hill.

Zigzag Direct

Everyone bails

Wild as we walk out

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