Monday, 16 August 2010

Blue Scar

I met up with Ali and a few others today at Blue Scar. This was my first time at the crag, so I was psyched to try one of the classic trad routes. After warming up on a few 6b's on the far ring wing I was ready to have a crack at something a bit spicier. I picked Blue Grit, a bold, pumpy and technical E4 6a on the left wing. After a bouldery start, a reasonable rest is reached, a poor protection arranged. Bold and technical slab/wall climbing takes you to the second break and a good rest, before a straight forward finish, Awesome.

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Neil McGeachy (MC Geek) said...

blue grit is fecking brilliant! mmmmmmmm yorkshire limestone trad! get on ballas, you'll luv it! ive forgotten what its like to climb now! getting good at cleaning dog crap thgough!