Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fingertip Control

Above: Me on Golden Tower

I went to Anglesarke with Elliott today which was my first visit. It was raining on and off. So after a warm up on some dirty routes (the rain has run a lot of mud and dirt down the crack etc.), I decided to do Fingertip Control which was quite well sheltered by a small roof at the top and it's slightly steep nature. This 3 star E4 5c features bold fingery climbing with the crux right at the top. I would have to say that this is my thing, and that I thought it was overgraded, probably no harder that Cheat at Wilton 1. The climbing was excellent, finger jug pulling on perfect rock, one I would recommend. To finish off the day I thought I would do Golden Tower. I unfortunately miss read the crux, then tried to pull through anyway. One move from glory and my left hand parted with the rock, or more accurately the mud I was holding and I was off. Excellent climbing but a shame this 3 star route is so dirty. It is fair to say if I had read it right the dirt would not have stopped me, Every day is a school day i guess!

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