Thursday, 5 August 2010

Chee Dale

I met up with Tony and Tom on Tuesday and Wednesday and went to Chee Dale for the first time. Tuesday was spent at the cornice where we warmed up on Martial Music, an excellent 7a. I then spent the rest of the session trying Cry of Depair, a steep and technical 7c that is not my thing, so what I need to work on. Good progress was made, but another day would be needed to put the two links together. Tom did the same as me and Tony tried the moves on Four Door Dostoyevsky, which looked nails.

Yesterday we were all a little tired so went to the Embankment. After warming up, Tony finished off Stone the Loach 7c which he had tried before. Tom desided to work this and made good progress. I opted for easier routes and tried to onsight Beef It 7b, only to blow it at the last bolt when I messed up a hand change. It was much easier second go. I finished my session by onsighting Hungry Eyes 7a+. An excellent route that is pretty pumpy, I had to lay one on at the top!

I will definately be back.

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James Thacker said...

Get yourself down Stoney Middleton...