Friday, 26 November 2010

Ben Nevis Antics

Matt and Kieth are on a rest day today after a couple of days on the Ben. Wednesday saw them try a spicy number, which they got very close to succeeding on, but retreated as the weather took it's toll. Yesterday was much more productive. They climbed Tower Face of the Comb VI,6***, which Matt raved about on the phone this morning. Conditions are suffering a little with the dry weather and blackening a bit.

Andy Turner and Tony Stone were also up on the Comb, putting in a sterling effort to try and repeat Dave Macleod's Don't Die of Ignorance. They will need to make another visit, but you can read more on Andy's Blog

Tony said that they had driven to Glen coe today, but it was looking a bit black from the road so they didn't bother.

Matt and Kieth have headed to the North West today, so hopefully an update tomorrow.

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