Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Learning the Ropes

I have spent the past 2 days in the peak with Izzi, who wanted to build on her leading experience. Yesterday, we went to Stanage. It dried out as the day went on, but was pretty cold. Izzi started off leading Grotto Slab. This gave me the chance to check out her gear and belay management. It was clear she had the knowledge, but was not using it as effectively as she could be. After a short ropework session, Izzi led us up Black Hawk Traverse Left in good style. We then climbed Hollybush Crack. This gave Izzi a challenge, with climbing she was not that used to. We finished the day with a couple of routes on Mantleshelf buttress before the light faded.

Today we went to a dry, but windy Froggatt. This gave Izzi the opportunity to try some things she wanted to improve on. After leading Nursery Slab and Slab Recess, Izzi took on the arkward crack of Trapeze. We then spent the rest of the day inbetween showers working on some skills that help the new gritstone climber relax (Jamming and Smearing). The rain took over and ended the day, but a good 2 days have been had. Hopefully izzi will but her consolidated skills to good use.

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