Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stanage Bouldering

Above: Does Pebble Arete

Yesterday Emma and I met up with Penny and Does in Hathersage. After a brew, we decided to head up to the plantation boulders to take in a bit of sun. We warmed up on the Pebble Arete problem, before attemting Deliverence. This is the first time I have had a proper go on this, and got pretty close getting my fingers on the top, but not enough to hold it. We then icked a couple of the V5's on the Pebble, before moving on. As the light started to fade we went of to have a go on Satin. I was hoping to get the flash but messed up my hand position, it went next go and is on the easy side for V6. I got a quick go on the Cresent Slab, but my fingers had had enough.
Below: Does on Pebble Arete

Above: Satin

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