Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Back Strain and New Kit

I managed to strain my back last Friday whilst on a rest day, so no more rest days for me, they're dangerous. It is recovering quite well, so I should be back in action next week. My spirits have been lifted with the arrival some Edelrid kit that is new for 2011.

First up are the Mission Quickdraw. I have actually been using these through the winter and have been impressed by the lightness and usability in that environment. Since being back on the rock, I have noticed a big difference on the harness in terms of weight. The quickdraw only weighs 59g and each crab only 25g making it the lightest in the world i believe by 0.5g. As you would expect there has been no compromise in strength either.

Below: Mission Quickdraw and HMS Strike

The HMS Strike is a light weight screwgate that only weighs 65g and still offers max strength. It has a slightly smaller form which makes it perfect for those longer routes where weight and clutter reduction are important.

Edelrid climbing shoes are still not that well known in the UK, but I have been using them now for over 2 years and really rate them. The latest addition to the performance range are the Typhoons which I was lucky enough to have 6 months ago. Designed as an aggressive shoe, these do deliver on steep ground, but I have also found they are awesome on slabs and walls as well. These will be my all rounder shoe. If i am heading away and can only really take one shoe not knowing exactly what I will be on, these win out. I have climbed 7c on limestone, E7 on grit and E5 on Schist in these so recommend them. The Tornado is the other shoe that came in the bag of tricks. This has been my fav shoe for trad and bouldering over the last 2 years. The new shoe has been tweaked slightly to improve it, so i am hoping it will continue to perform. Slightly less aggressive than the Typhoon, it is sensitive and accurate on small edges and smears.

Above: Tornado (left) and Typhoon (right)

Ropes new for 2011 that came were the Apus 7.8mm. These are the ultimate in light weight half ropes weighing just over 2kg per 50m. If you are after a set of ropes for big routes home or abroad I would recommend these or the Merlin 8mm's.

If you though that Edelrid only made ropes and a few other bits, click on the logo on the right and flick through the massive range of kit they have. You will be suprised.

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