Thursday, 14 April 2011

Froggatt Slabs and Solos

Above: Tony contemplating the crux moves of 4 Pebble Slab E3 5c

I met up with a gang of folks today and made are way to Froggatt. The temp was due to be perfect for some slab action and my fingers are still a little tender, so I was well up for slabs. Dan and Elliot warmed up on 3 Pebble Slab HVS 5a and I followed. Tony was on form again and threw his usually sensible approach out the window and went for 4 Pebble Slab E3 5c* as his first route. He did a sterling job on this to tick his first E3 for a while. I was inspired and led it as well. Dan and Elliott completed the team ascent. Pete meanwhile was steadily picking his way up 3 Pebble Slab.

Below: Tony happy to get the top on 4 Pebble Slab

Above: Dan finishing the crux 4 Pebble Slab

A quick break from the slabs and I was keen for Oedipus E4 6b**, a bold solo with a hard move right at the top. I can't really claim the onsight having seen a video of Katy W doing it on UKC, but her beta was top draw. Things must have been going well because the route felt more like 5c today, but defo not 6b. The traverse off was the scariest part of the route. Young Elliot then flashed the route as well, but took man points away from his fine effort when he started winging about being rescued from the traverse off (the youth of today).

Above: Making the crux rock over on Artless E5 6b (check out how high that knee is)

All down safe and sound we moved to Long John's Slab Easy3 5c*** which Dan and Elliot both led. I was keen to tick the last of the E5 slab routes on Great Slab I had not done, so went for Artless E5 6b**. This again went pretty easily once I got my feet right, I had looked at this before but could not see how to do the starting rock over so walked away. Was very happy to get the onsight today having saved it. Another soft tick for the tech grade though a great bit of climbing. dan and Elliot both led Heartless Hare with the side runners to make a good E3 5c. I then soloed Brown's Eliminate E2 5b***, then Dan led it. I finished off up Armageddon E3 5c**.

Above: Easy moves at the top of Artless/Great Slab

I think Tony led Sundowner E2 5a* and Pete Sunset Slab HVS 4b*** as well.

An awesome day out. For everyone.

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