Friday, 8 April 2011

Early Riser

Above: Trick Arete V4 6b

I thought that cragging was out today as the electrician was doing some rewiring. To my delight they were quick and I was out the door by midday. It is limestone weather really with the warm temps, but as I was on my own grit was my best option. Earl crag is North facing and normally has a breeze running across it. Today was no different and conditions were great. Unfortunately after the winter, everything is a bit green and dirty. I was hoping to on sight Early Riser which is a smeary E5 6a ramp, but bottled it due to the filth. A rope was rigged quick and I gave it a bash without cleaning to see if my decision was a good one. It was! I was ejected from the crux smears at the top which were ming. After a good brush and 1 more quick toprope, I soloed it. It is not one I will rush back to do again as it is a GRIPPER! with the last move being the crux.

Above: Trick Arete

After a bite to eat I went and did a few problems had not done before Trick Arete, Hanging Groove and Kipper. These are all V4 which I flashed, but I had no luck on some of the harder problems i tried today.

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