Sunday, 10 April 2011

Intro to Sea cliffs

Above: Kat following Pel

Today I was out with Kat and we went to Gogarth for the day. This was her first time climbing on a sea cliffs and the weather was perfect. I thought Castell Helen would be a great intro. A committing Abseil in, and good routes to climb out made this a quality day for Kat.

Below: Kat leading Rap

I led Pel VS 4c** first so Kat could get a feel for the place. We went straight back down so Kat could lead us up Rap VS 4c* and take us to lunch.

Above: Kat on Atlantis

After a quick bite to eat, Kat was keen to follow something a little harder, so I led Atlantis E1 5c*. It was a good end to a great day climbing with sea kayakers paddling by, Dolphins cruising past, seal's watching the climbers and the ever present seagulls.

Below: Kat on Atlantis


Gareth Davies said...

Few photos from the sea of you climbing

Your both a little camouflaged though.

The dolphins made our day we followed them all the way across Abrahams Bosom. Gaz

Adam Hughes said...

Cheers Gaz, was a stunning day to be out. A little sun burnt though.