Friday, 30 November 2012

Angel Face

Reachy, powerful moves at the start
Through the crux hand swap and setting up for the powerful finish
After a rest day yesterday, which involved a long day of staff training and a safety review at Challenge 4 Change. I was pretty psyched to get back to Woodhouse and see if I could finish off Angel Face V9 6c/font 7b+.    I met Huw there, and spent a bit of time trying to warm up in the excellent, but very cold conditions.  After putting in half an hour or so on Wednesday and feeling like it was close, I had high hopes that it might be possible today.  Not fully warmed up, we headed over to the problem to finish warming up, whilst sorting the moves.  I was disheartened when all the moves felt so hard today, after it feeling so close 2 days ago.  As we persevered, and the body warmed up, I had suddenly done the problem in 2 overlapping halves.  Game on!!  After a good rest, the problem went really smoothly and felt amazing.  I was pretty over the moon, and amazed it only took about an hour of effort.

Crafty heels to power up

very happy to hit the jug

I did try to go and do something else, but had used up all my efforts for the day already.  Cutting my loses, it was in to town for coffee and cake with Em.

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