Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hunter's Stone and Snowden

I met up with Huw and some of his uni mates for a boulder today.  First up we went to Hunter's Stone.  These boulders were only uncovered when the woods they where hiding in were cut down.  Despite being a bit gritty and dirty, I managed to knock up 15 good problems up to font 6c+.
Sam earning full man points on Optical illusion

Huw sending Nigel's Roof LH

We moved on to Snowden, which has a few good boulders sticking out of the hillside.  After a quick onsight for me and flash for Sam of the intimidating Optical Illusion font 6c, with it's extremely big fall, we moved over to Nigel's Roof.  After a few goes both Huw and I sent Nigel's Roof LH font 7a.  I had to leave early, but the others were still getting stuck in.

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