Friday, 16 November 2012

New Kit for Winter

As the winter get closer, I am starting to get myself sorted.  This has been helped along with a delivery of new kit from Edelrid.  Most of this kit is new for 2012-13,
Sticky (top left), HMS Magnum, Raid and Sturdy (right)

The Raid alpine/mountaineering ice axe is a really well balance axe that will offer good security, as well as being a great functional tool.

The HMS Magnum is well designed large carabiner, with an extra large gate opening.  Perfect for winter when fumbling around in big gloves.

A perfect glove for winter climbing is hard to find, but Edelrid have put quite a bit of thought into it.  It is the thin glove that seems hard to get right, but the 2 new additions, the Sticky and Sturdy are top draw.  The sticky is the thinner of the two.  Made from synthetic leather to be robust, and with a thin fleece lining on the back of the hand to offer a little bit of warmth without compromising grip.  The Sturdy is the thicker warmer option.  Made from goats leather and with protectors for knuckles.  These also have a warm fleece lining on the back of the hand, and a thin layer in the palms.  Both models have an excellent fitting around the wrist.

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